Friday, September 25


I haven't felt this for more than two years now and when I finally felt it for the first time in a long while, people's insincerity started showing. I guess in this recent modern world we're living in, to find sincerity in people around us would be near to impossible.

So I thought I'm used to this. To be honest, yes i was. I had no feelings before this. I shut myself away from people. And when I finally decided to open up myself again, people keep on shoving it up my ass by saying it's a bad idea. You know, to open up. To be yourself.

I thought I can go through this. I thought I am used to this. I guess I am just numb. Numb with all this pain. With all the lies. With all the acts by people around me. To trust, that would be hard work for me. I rather be by myself rather than getting hurt by people whom I care so much.

You make me care for you. You worked for it. Yet one day you just decided that you don't wanna talk to me anymore? Are you friggin kidding me? Right. That's how feelings work for you ey? An off and on switch? I'm sorry but not everyone is like you. So before you decide to make someone fall for you, think twice whether you really like that person or not.


I hope nobody ever make you feel like how you made me feel. I hope that when you finally found someone you truly care about, she won't be a bitch like how you were an ass to me.

Goodluck mister. I wish you all the best.