Friday, July 20


assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hellios peeps.

wow! all the ladies look pretty and the guys look superb today!

any events mehh today? :O

was i being too cocky? hahaha. kinda..... should. stop. doing. that. cause. it. turned. out. to. be. very. awkward. *outofbreath* hahaha was i running just now? i looked as if my keyboard just got an asthma attack! LOL. okay.... not funny at all :-/  how are you guys doing? me? well.... not fine at all. hahaha. cehhh.. i'm good thank you very much :) today was quite an okay day for me. as usual, i started my day with 50 sit ups and 10 push ups. okay i HATE push ups. dont. wanna. do. that. hahaha :p i jog a lil bit but i was too sleepy so i ended up sleeping after i jog. LOL.

i'm feeling sexy and free ~

*noddinghead* currently listening to jessie j's dominos :) a great song for a gloomy afternoon like right now hehe. went to opah's house for lunch just now. she cooked fer me prawn sambal tumis! yey! even though i'm sufferin with muh sinus right now, I STILL EAT THOSE PRAWNS!! nomnomnomnomnom \m/ prawns FTW!! hehe hehe. opah sally and tok usop dropped by opah's house. that's why i went to have lunch there to help around. waaaa im such a good girl am i? yeahhh..... riiigghhhttt... hahaha!

i'm now sitting by my window looking at the scenery. how i wish i was up my college's tank. i miss that place. that's where i usually go if i wanna think of anything. never been caught. yes. never been caught :p i'm soooo awesome. LOLOLOLOL. well, most of my friends are already doing their preparations to fly. wow. they're so lucky. hmm. sometimes i thought back.... did i make the right choice to enter nottingham to take arts and decline my scholarship to fly to germany?? oh well, yeah maybe at first i did not feel any regrets but as time flies... and most of my friends got offers to pursue their studies overseas... and i thought back... i can be one of them... if i accepted the offer... most probably i'll be flying to germany in october. wow. but i chosed to reject the offer. it's definitely a lie of course if i say i did not regret at all. but i've made my choice to choose nottingham instead. to take arts instead of engineering.

is this the right choice? 

that is the question that i still ask myself every single time. there's nothing i can do now. the past is the past even though how many times i ask myself the question. however, i am really really glad that i chosed nottingham though :) i wouldn't have met my awesome friends and best friends if i chosed germany :p and you know what is my answer everytime i ask the above question?

it's your fate. it's your choice. and remember. without that choice you might never have met your friends... your lecturers... your classmates... and of course, him :) wow. yeah. if i did not enter nottingham... and decided to live off campus... i might have never met you amirul hakim...

so yeah, i did not regret my decision at all. maybe it's not my luck to go to germany. but insyaAllah who knows? my luck is in nottingham with him :) so guys! life is all about choices. no matter what choices that you decide, never regret the ones you've made. because every choices has their own boon. dont worry. maybe sometimes you met felt little regrets but always remind yourself that it was initially your own decision. so, live with it. think about it from various perspectives. who knows, you might also be able to change your fate too? <3

Thursday, July 19


27th march 2012.

a date i will not forever forget.

btw, assalamualaikum warahmatullah and sweet hellios :)

well, after that date... my life totally changed. that was the date i got my results. not as well as i expected but oh well, that's life right? i chosed not to try as hard as i could. i chosed to be rebellious. in the end, the one being regret was? of course myself. haha. there's no point of turning back. so, i accepted it open heartedly :) it was not hard at all. LOL. because i've kinda being used of accepting things as they are. accepting fate. without even trying to change my own fate. 

in the Holy Quran Allah had wrote 

"Allah will not change the fate of His servants unless they try their best to change their own fate"

oh well, i chosed not to study hard but joke around instead. now, i have to face the consequences. LOL. still, praise to Allah alhamdulillah for my results. quite proud of myself though that through all the suffering and bullying, i finally pulled myself through with quite awesome result :) for an average student like me my result was awesome. but possibility of TGB did not became first in Malaysia may caused by me :( sorry guys i did not achieved straight A's like you guys. i'm sorry i was the cause our batch did not get our own monument. sobs. 

oh well, i did not regret anything though. i cannot regret anything. it was my own choice. wrong choice maybe? i dont really know. hahaha. maybe i was too angry of being in TGB. being too angry that i cannot transfer myself to taiping or pengkalan hulu. being too angry that i chosed not to study. my bad LOL. anyway, that was the past. now, all i have to do is MOVE FORWARD! yeahhh! i'm awesome. i dont need a silly piece of paper to show me the path to success. i dont need a qualification of awesomeness just to achieve my dreams as i am awesome naturally from the inside! hehe hehe :p 

nadhrah, KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD! dont look back. dont look to the past :) and remember. always... BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. BELIEVE IN DU'A. BELIEVE THAT ALLAH WILL ALWAYS BE THERE. 

change nadhrah! be better than yesterday. be better tomorrow than today. dont ever forget Allah. therefore, insyaAllah, Allah will not forget you :) 


beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen!

assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hellios!

sorry dear readers. i've deleted ALL of my previous posts because its totally bogous?! hahaha. i'm  18 already! hamaigaaddd..... so unbelievable i'm that old! i feel soooo young~ LOL. well, imma start new. start fresh! i'm already a university student! :O can you believe thaaaattt??? well, i hope 2012 will be a new memory for me :) it's already started and new memories already had been created. awesome ones. priceless HANDS DOWN (n.n)

i hope i can write all of my journey here. my journey in achieving my dreams. my journey to success. my journey in nottingham :)

with awesome friends. loving family supporting me. and most importantly my beloved sweetheart. thanks sayang for everything :)