Wednesday, March 26

life as it is

yo yo waddduuupppp?

its been long since i last posted on this piece of crap lol. my friend, Jo, which also is my senior advised me to start writing a blog to practice my writing skills. but i have no skills to begin with! harharhar. been spending my life as a nomad for a week now. its like im a freaking homeless student who sleeps everywhere she can find a place to take a nap and resumes her work after. like wuuuuttttt? this course is killing me softly with his songs. shit!

theres pros and cons of being an ics student. you dont have any exams (which is for me AMAZING!) but we have killer-ass assignments to do and shit loads of journals to read and trillions of movies to watch. FML. and being someone who writes shitty essays - this is TORTURE! i can barely feel my brain inside my head. as azain said it - my baby brain could not take this pressure of thinking and analysing.

but to every depression, theres always friends to cheer you up so why the sadness? i love my friends. theyre like my life savior! nope. nothing can replace them. i dont really share any secrets with them but theyre very interesting. they taught me a lot about life as it is. lifes a bitch i know but life is still life. either you accept the shit youre gonna go through or you end it through suicide (which is not what i want for my life obviously).

i dont really write this piece of crap everyday but yeah if i have my time - the words flow like vodka. lol. words are words. theyre more powerful than a sharp blade. it can destroy somebody so powerful and hurt them bad. real bad. so should i be a journalist and search for truths or should i stick with the plan of working with production houses? but there is no truth anymore in this weird world. lies are the truth which is fucked up. why cant people just stick to being honest and stop all these nonsense of fame.

human beings are weird and fucked up. thats why i hate everybody. everybodys bullshit basically so yeah. might as well just go with the flow and be a fucker as well. lol. im an ass i know. takes one to know one hun so be glad youre a fucker as well *doesnt give two shits* man, this ignorant character that i have in me is not gonna help me at all for my course. i have to be as tolerant as ever if i wanna be a better person.

but why be a better person when nobody even appreciates you being nice? people will always assume your sincerity as something that i do to have fame. bitch please im glad im INVISIBLE. i dont fucking want people to know who i am. thats BULLSHIT. i rather having only SOME people know me and others not knowing who the fuck is nadhrah lol. oh well lifes gotta move on. take care peeps!