Monday, December 3


it's a little weird when you still have that heebee jeebees feelings when you're with your partner even though you guys have been together for more than 2 years. i thought it was the feeling of being so in love with that special someone that you can't even be yourself and you act like a total different person when you are with him. IT IS SOOOO TOTALLY WRONG! 

trust me, if you're sooooo IN LOVE with that someone, you will not care how do you look like, the way you behave, the way you dress, the way you eat talk stand walk sit and even curse. you'll be your true self. revealing it to your love ones.

and TRUST me. if he truly is madly deeply loves you like he says, he will accept you for who you are. am i right mr.A?



the smile on your face let me know that you need me
there's a truth in your eyes saying you never leave me
the touch of your hand says you'll catch me
whenever i fall

you say it best,
when you say NOTHING at all :)

whatever that had happened, has happened, may happen, i want you to know that i want you to be strong, standing by my side. we'll go through this, every obstacles, TOGETHER. don't ever give up on us. i want you to have faith in yourself, in me, in life. believe that we're meant to be together, to face every challenge. it's ME&YOU against the world. it's ME&YOU forever. and nothing can stop us.

HOWEVER, we only can plan and the one who's going to decide whether our plan is going to work or not is The Almighty Allah. have faith and believe that every good cause will be accepted and insyaAllah will come true. AMIN.

i love you no matter what. i love you because of Him and i love you because of you.