Tuesday, April 22



i'm soooooo frustrated with the Government at the moment. my course is a full-coursework based course and usually the time when we, the students have to complete their assignments is towards the last weeks of the semester. and suddenly the Government who claimed that they know what is "best" for everyone in the country implemented one criteria on malaysian students who are studying in private universities - in order to graduate, we have to at least pass modules like Islamic studies, Islamic and Asia's Civilisation, and Malaysian Ethics. and these modules have their own coursework too!

i wouldn't mind if the courseworks are given during the early semester and not at the last minute when they are all redundant with my course's assignments! which are defo more important than the stupid modules they force us to take. they by which i mean the GOVERNMENT obviously. man, i left Malaysian History like 2 years ago. camon, i have no time in remembering back what i've learnt before. damn!

uni life has just disastrous for everyone yo. camon. give us a break. dont mind other courses yo they have like exams and all. at least something they can rely on if they fuck up their coursework. but aint us the arts students yo. we rely our life on our coursework. dont do this to us.

man all i can do is complain complain and complain. yet, work has to be done. or no graduation for me yo.

the one who always complains,