Thursday, July 19


beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen!

assalamualaikum warahmatullah and hellios!

sorry dear readers. i've deleted ALL of my previous posts because its totally bogous?! hahaha. i'm  18 already! hamaigaaddd..... so unbelievable i'm that old! i feel soooo young~ LOL. well, imma start new. start fresh! i'm already a university student! :O can you believe thaaaattt??? well, i hope 2012 will be a new memory for me :) it's already started and new memories already had been created. awesome ones. priceless HANDS DOWN (n.n)

i hope i can write all of my journey here. my journey in achieving my dreams. my journey to success. my journey in nottingham :)

with awesome friends. loving family supporting me. and most importantly my beloved sweetheart. thanks sayang for everything :)

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