Wednesday, March 27

more than a year?

it has been what?! more than a year since i last posted an entry LOL! i've been really really damn busy since i entered uni. LOTS AND LOTS of events to handle and organise. i'm thinking of starting to blog again. but seriously! handling a blog is a serious thing i guess? and sometimes i just dont know what to say. and sometimes i'm so random that my topics are quite off the limits i guess? well, i've learnt quite a number of things though since i entered uni. and the best part is...... IMMA LIST IT ALL DOWN! hell yeah. i have all the time in the world to actually list everything down LOL. like yeah right. i have left only around less than a month to actually do research for my coursework hahaha and yes a very lazy bum me do not wanna spend me time doing research and shit oops! underage readers dont learn these words im posting. if you dont understand some of em. just leave it. guess i'll continue later?


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