Wednesday, March 27

staring is a crime you know?

Hellios peeps and readers.

have you ever been so insecure about something and i dont know what to actually term this kind of behaviour - STARING AT PEOPLE. okayy first and foremost, i know that this is a free country, a free world, people have rights to stare at people. okay, im not saying that its illegal okayyy... but its just that, when you stare at people everytime you bump into them.... it makes people soooooo uncomfortable please.

okayy... maybe its just your hobby or something but seriously dude? dont you have something else better to do apart from staring at people - specifically me. actually, i dont wanna be perasan and all but its true! i wanna say that im perasan but i cant coz its so totally obvious. oh camon, get your own life can you?

or do you want me to do it for you? kayy whatever. hope that you can actually spend your leisure time doing something else better though. goodluck in your future!


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