Wednesday, March 27

the midterm tests are homicidal

Hello minions. how are you today?

so far, i have no problems at all for semester 2 except for 1 which is the MIDTERM TEST. i have no idea what has gotten into me this semester but i took more than half of the business modules for this semester. and you know how business modules are.... their courseworks are in exam forms! oh camon wendy, really?

i've gotten use of not having exams and just do research for essays that i forgot how to study for exams. LOL pathetic? yes okay im nodding. im not denying. but yes. i'm killing myself by studying for the midterms. and hello? it is only the MIDTERM! what am i suppose to expect for finals later? say that i have to prepare early i guess.

goodluck to myself tho.


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