Wednesday, November 27

bitch's problem

hello yello holla yolla

another day another post very not related to any of my previous post. just a normal daily lessons for anyone who's even reading this. there are many types of people in this world: some are good, some are bad, some are hypocrites, some are just plain normal, some are pious, some are bloody dangerous and some are many things. but in life lessons we do learn about karma aite? what goes around, comes around.

1. you do bad things to people, people will do bad things to you and,
2. you do good things to people, people will do good things to you


life aint that easy though. sometimes those who always do bad things dont even get any payback while those who always do good things, they get shit from people around them. life aint fair sometimes. but believe that one day, karma will hit them. no matter how bad or how good. it will hit them. somehow. one day.

i was told that people around me feel very embarrass and humiliated if they hang out with me because im ugly. really? bitch please. if i AM ugly, whats that got anything to do with you? i dont hang out with you. im not one of your friends (hell no you're one of my friends!). i NEVER talk to you. then... why do you still have to bitch about me to anyone?


are you that childish and immature to spread such a statement to everyone? no wonder you dont have that many friends. so sad boohoo :( my advice? why dont you learn not to care about people and start to re-check yourself in the mirror instead? nobody's perfect. only God is perfect. hell no you aint perfect too. i'm just confused why do you even spread rumours about me when you dont even know who i am? we never talked before. i dont even know who you are! LOL its funny for me to see you this pathetic. do you really want the limelight and attention? please do so. im not interested at all. you wanna be popular and beautiful and soooooo 'cool'? then go ahead. please do so. i'll spread the red carpet for you. just dont bitch about anyone that you dont even freaking now to anybody. ayy?

p.s please do accept my advice if you really want everybody to like you because right now, everybody doesnt.


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