Friday, November 29

immature much?

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so today's entry would be my comment regarding thiiiissss >>>>>>>

well i think all the malaysians know about them right? this news is a hot seller right now as nobody knows the real ugly truth about why they got married in the first place and why they got divorced a week before their 1st anniversary. 

i'm not writing this to speculate anything and spread rumours (which are definitely not true) to my readers. but the statement that the guy made towards his ex-wife is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS! omg. first thing first, this news is a hot-seller due to several reasons. and here's why: 

1. the girl's father stated that he allowed her daughter to marry the guy because the guy raped her before with his 2 other friends. he reported the crime but the guy's father pleaded him to cancel the report and just let them marry.

2. the girl's father allowed his daughter to get a divorce because her parents-in-law treated her like shit and never even give her food to eat (i think this is kindaaaa weird) that her father has to travel like half-an-hour just to send her food.

3. the guy denied he had raped her before they got married. he said they started sleeping together once they got married. 

4. the guy stated that his ex-wife cheated on him with some guy and her terrible attitude made him to divorce the wife.

okayyyy... so basically there are many i repeat MANY twist and turn towards this story and i dont even wanna know which one is the truth. but the statement that the guy made about his wife is totally uurrgghhhhh *bangsheadonthewalluntilmyskullcracks* is just totally BUNKOUS! UNACCEPTABLE! 

these are his reasons of why he divorce the wife: 

1. the wife is rude towards the parents and him: includes on how she's rebellious and doesnt wanna hear their advice 

2. the wife doesnt cook at all

3. the wife will run out of the house if she's not satisfied with anything 

hurmmmm... what is he trying to explain is how childish the wife is. oh yes i forget to tell ya guys... the girl is a freaking 13 year old kid. i repeat she's 13!!!!!!! she was 12 when she got married. FREAKING TWELVE!!! 

what do you expect from a 12 year old girl man? seriously? those 3 reasons you're giving out to the public of whyyyyy you divorce her suits her. SHE'S JUST A SMALL CHILD! she's immature and all she needs is attention, care and love. i am so confused right now that i feel like i wanna bang my head all day to the wall. 

*preparing a light saber to stab self* 

why are people nowadays soooooooo dumb? that kid is just 13 right now. whyyyyy did you do that to her? i pity the girl actually. as a girl, i feel her confusion about what is happening to her. when i was 13 all i understand is that i have to go to school, get good grades and have fun with my friends play sports or anything. but this girl when she's 13 she has to think about her husband, about how to keep her husband satisfied, about her marriage and shit. seriously, i dont think this girl even understand what is marriage! that is why she keeps on running away. why cant anybody get it? 

she's still very confused! she needs her parents. she needs someone to just give her attention, care, love and guidance. SHE IS JUST A SMALL KID I REPEAT!!! this world is just too cruel to have done that to her. im not just blaming the husband and the in-laws. im blaming the parents too for not thinking about their daughter's future. i understand the father is just trying to protect her daughter, preventing something more horrible from happening but then... now his daughter is a 13 year-old widow. i feel so sad for her. 

i'm 19 and even i dont wanna get married now. because i dont wanna understand what is commitment. im not ready. i know im not ready. so why did you ever thought your 12 year-old daughter (back then when she's about to get married) is ready for commitment? ready to take a huge responsibility on her shoulder? ready to have a family? aiyaaa. I JUST CANNOT DIGEST THIIISSS!!!!!

well i hope we all could learn something from this. and i hope nobody will ever do like this again. EVER. please? 


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  1. Nice words nad ! Haha sokong kau