Wednesday, November 20


hello holla halluu

what is love?

love has a wide meaning. basically nobody can ever define love. love can be for anything, anyone. how do you actually prove that you are in love with somebody? prolly during the first few time period of your relationship you might say that you will love that special somebody forever. but it is true when people say love can die.

i do love things, people. i love my parents a lot. like damn a lot. and i know that i love them. but you can never understand your own feelings if you really love that special someone. apart from your parents. at first you might think that oh yes, i care about that somebody. and i do love that somebody. but actually you dont. really.

i can spread love. accept love. but i love me more. i can love but i will not forever change myself about anybody. ever. period. i love my parents so much only God knows how much, but they never force me to change my own self. and i will never change for them (hehehe sorry maa :p) so dont ever cross your mind that i will change for anybody else. if you really love me you will accept me for who i am, my future hubby (if i do have one LOL!)

p.s dear whomever the romeos out there, if you cant accept a girl for who she is, leave her. dont ever keep a tear of hope that she will change one day. coz if she never changes, will you ever sincerely love her?


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