Sunday, November 10

morning scribble i

friends are important. you see, if you dont have any friends....

whom will you seek for advice? (most of you would say family okay i get it but sometimes you need a FRIENDLY advice and yes your family might cannot provide that imma right or imma right?)

whom will you seek for help in your modules? asking for schedules? and the location of classes of course?

whom will wanna be in your group if you have a group project or presentation?

whom will you wanna hang out together just chillin out and have fun?

whom will you ask for a hug even just for a while if you're feeling weak at a certain time?

whom will you find for help in you are in need?

it's your FRIENDS of course duhh obviouslyy~ you're living quite far from your families. if there's is any emergency or any troubles with your courses.... its friends who you will seek for. no matter how much you hate them. sometimes the furthest friend is actually the person you can most rely on. and your bestest friend is actualy just a piece of crap and a big fat irresponsible liar. okay nytenyte everyone!


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