Wednesday, December 11

a story of why i wanna be a bitch

so here's a story about a dog, a lion and a monkey.

one fine day
a dog went out for a hike in the jungle
but then it got lost...

a lion saw a stray dog who looks really lost
and he planned to attack the dog
and eat it for his dinner so...
he quietly creep to the dog

the dog noticed that there's a lion nearby
therefore, he quickly think of an idea that will get the lion mindfucked

as the dog was thinking of an escape plan
he saw a pile of bones close to the place he currently was
so he shouted "walaweehh that was a freaking nice meat of a lion!"

when the lion heard what the dog just said
he got so freaked out that he quickly chiao away from the dog
a monkey saw what happened
so he wanna make alliance with the lion

the monkey quickly go to the lion
and jump on his back and whisper to the lion
"deyy that dog is lying to you laa deyy! how can a small dog like that eat a lion?"
"i saw the bones long before the dog was there"
the lion got so furious and ran back to the dog

the dog got so scared that he thought of a new idea
he suddenly shouted
"aiyooo where is this monkey?! i told him to bring me another lion! i'm so hungry right now!"

hahaha see how smart the dog is? let us be bitches then. coz bitches are smart yaaww!


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