Monday, December 16

day 1

hello peeps! 

im back. in ipoh. oh hail ipoh! its boring here omg. i have no idea what to do apart from taking care of my grandparents. all i can think of is prolly doing my assignments i guess? lots of readings and analysing blablabla. i can die of theseeeeeeeee T___T

so basically i did nothing productive today. woke up late. brought my grandparents out for lunch. came back home. thought of going to parkson but i didn't. play online games. go online. chat with friends. watched tv. had dinner. and now updating this blog. nothing much i guess? oh and yes. i did laundry too. 

i really need to start doing something productive tomorrow. damn it. 

oh and yes btw, my life is more complicated than this. and its so fucked up i dont even bother to care about it anymore. whatever man. i am more happy if i dont give a fuck about anything. so yolo! 


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