Thursday, December 26

day 10

so i slept quite early last night that i forgot to post day 10 of my vacay here. did nothing much apart from online and assignments and baby sitting. 

struggling with my assignments. never felt this much of regret because i took the wrong course. but no u-turn can be made. this is the choice i've decided. this is the painful decision that i've made. i have to live with it. proudly and happily. 

international communication studies - a course about studying the culture, the ideologies and the society. 

analysing and meta-analysing are the core concept of studying this course. which are definitely something i'm not familiar with. i'm a logic-thinker. i believe in what i see and reality. i accept something that can be proven through science and experiments. something that is definite. but my course is about abstract. something so crystal that logic is beyond of its question. 

society? what is there to question about society? each person has their own ideologies. why would we wanna question them? its their rights hello? nobody forced them. prolly somebody might forced them. but then, why would we wanna investigate that again? unless its something so awesome that it mindblown everyone and we can make hypothesis of an awesome experiment. 

i'm a hands on person. and these things that i'm learning, it aint hands on. everything is theoretical. everything is on paper. everything needs reading but no proving in real life. i believe what i see and what i touch. how can i believe with things i cant even prove if it exists? :O 

stop complaining bitch and start completing your assignments. 


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