Tuesday, December 24

BEWARE : do not care

for the past 19 years of my life i've been living on my own and i'm used to it. nobody really cared about me anyway. i solved my own problems. i handle my life. i make my own choices. i know which one is wrong and which is right. which is good and which is bad. i don't need anybody to fucking tell me that. i'm a big girl. i make my decisions. and i don't need anybody, ANYBODY to care about my life. care about yours please. not mine.

if you really wanna see me happy let me be. don't interfere with my life if you don't want me to hate you. i'm not close minded or anything but who are you to put your finger in my decisions? in my life? who are you again? be reminded that you're not anybody. nope. nadaa. nobody in my life. so, fuck off please? you want me to be good to you? STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE IN MY PROBLEMS. i will solve them myself. i will decide whatever things that i wanna do. get it?

i'm sorry. i'm stubborn i know. and i have a very cold heart. i don't freaking care if you got hurt by whatever i said. do i look like i care? nope. so yeah. call me evil or cruel or bitch i don't give a damn.

i got hurt so much i rather hurt people than hurting myself. call me inhuman. prolly i'm not human anymore. lets just not care about anybody and care about our OWN business aite?

p.s don't worry about a thing coz every little thing's gonna be alright.

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