Thursday, January 30


even though it's usual for me to come home for such a short time....

but this holiday is actually the most memorable one. i spent more time with mommy (like finally!) and it was nice. two weeks is not enough to bond back the mother daughter relationship. but i'm grateful that at least i got the chance :)

it must be hard for mommy since i'm going back to uni this weekend. but what to do..... sem is starting. and i have to be prepared and get ready. both physically and mentally. aiyakk! why so early leyy spring semester? the winter is not even over! T___T

results are not out yet. hannah said one of her lecturers told her its gonna be after the 15th. but i'm soooo nervous right now. ketaq lutut wey! i just hope i get over 60. just over 60 and i'm a happy girl already. it's hard to get 70 so don't even have to think about it. i just hope my essays are alright tho. please please lady luck be on my side T____T

it's time for me to focus more on this spring semester. aim higher. work harder. play less. hehehe. read more and more. i think i've been reading until my eyes are getting sore. damn. i have eyebags now T___T why oh why? at least my skin is still in great condition *flipshair*


i'm gonna miss you mommy. and daddy. and i know you guys are gonna miss me too :p just don't miss me too much. later i cray cray hewhewhew. take care of yourselves. and don't forget to eat your medicines! and eat correctly and eat healthy. no more fast food or junk food! okay? i love you guys.


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