Saturday, November 30

RIP paul walker

heyyy guys!

after been locked out of the house last night (which i will later tell you about it)... i had slept peacefully dreaming beautifully when a phone call woke me up. it was my friend, was inviting me to go to the national park this 14th and blablabla. i said no and i hung up and i straight away do my daily routine of checking my whatsapp, my insta, my facebook and when i open my twitter i had the shock of my life! i found out that my dear beloved Paul Walker had died from a car crash. okayy i waannnnnaaaaaaa crrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy TT__TT

he is such a beautiful man (even in his forties!) and a very talented actor not to mention his cute smile, well more like a grin actually. its ironic though how he died in a car crash accident because he began his fame with a racing series: FAST AND FURIOUS TRILOGY. in the movies he got injured lots of times but always got saved in the nick of time and what is the most legen-wait for it-dary is that his car crash was a tragic incident. from what was reported in the news, Paul Walker was at the passenger seat and his friend was driving as they were going back to their homes from a charity event. his friend lost control of the car and it hit a tree or a post (i kinda forgot!) and the car burst into flames. JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE!

at first, i still couldnt accept his death but whatever that lives one day must eventually die. so i manage to cope my feelings (HARDCORE FAN MUCH!) i have no idea how does the director of f&f is gonna twist the plot but i know it will NEVER EVER be the same again without Paul Walker. he's a legen-wait for it-dary actor and without him, fast&furious will never be the same fast&furious again. i will miss you Paul Walker. we all will. all your fans and people of the world.



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