Sunday, November 10



living independently far away from your parents is hard. i know. ive been there. and still is lol. ive been living on my own since i was 13. it was hard at first. got a lot of depression shit going on. but i survived. everything comes to one: Allah is always there. no matter how much you forget about Him. neglecting your prayers. practicing the bad habit. but whenever we wanna repent and wanna follow back his ways... He always welcome His followers with open hand.

dont ever let Allah forgets about you even a sec. Coz that is the time when all your good deeds and your repent is at no use anymore.

hello dear friend, i really do care about you. i love you as a friend. but somehow your irresponsibility makes me so mad at you that somehow i got fed up already. so here it is, i will not care anymore. do whatever you want. i dont care. as long as you dont fuck up my life. you can fuck up yours. its your choice. not mine. but make sure you make the right choice. and make sure that you dont mess with my life anymore. once you fuck up my life again. its the end of us.

can you please learn to be a little more responsible of yourself? at least that will make other people feel at ease a bit. its hard to live far from your parents i get that. but you have to learn though. im not your freaking guardian or some shit. i am JUST your housemate for God sake. so please, please stop fucking up my life.

Thanks a lot dear friend. i hope you succeed in life.

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