Friday, November 8

loosing everything

what will you do...

if you lose your friends

if you lose your confidence

if you lose your strength

if you lose your inner peace

if you lose your joy

if you lose your smile

if you lose your laughter

if you lose everything that once made you happy

what will you do?

you see... it is true what people say. life is like a roller coster. sometimes you're so damn high up in the sky. but at one point, you'll be on your lowest and weakest point ever. at that point you have to decide whether to be strong and move on or you break yourself up.

what will i do?

you cant compare to me. i'm very vulnerable. i'm very insecure. i can be damn hard at times but i'm very very fragile. i can break easily. and its hard to put back the pieces together. alone. but i'm a fighter. i'll fight. to be happy. i'll fight to not show people that i'm weak. i'll fight to be the strongest. most powerful. but that is what i always hope i can do.

what will i actually do then?

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