Wednesday, December 4

ignorance is a bliss

hello mellow yellow yeah whatever

being me is just awesome. i hate to act and i hate to be someone else. and i bet each and everyone of you guys out there are just the same. being ourselves is the most fun thing ever. until at one point. when someone else tries to bring us down. REMEMBER! dont let them do that to you! you should be happy to be yourself. why do you have to be someone else just to please everyone else around you? you can never please anybody and everybody will always find reasons to bring you down (some people are just so weird, you just have to ignore them).

so basically being me is just easy. i am an ignorant person. i dont give a fuck about anything and everything around me. and i am just like that. however, somehow, my ignorance seems to be a problem for everyone else. hmmm... i wonder why? my perspectives towards the world is very different from everyone else. probably because i was independent since i was small. i dont really rely on people too much. and i have trust issues. i can easily trust the wrong people and at the same do not trust the right people. weird? thats my middle name! HARHAR.

in my degree i have to learn a lot about culture, ideologies, society and well basically everything about the world. its hard for me though as i am very ignorant, not conscience, very not observant and someone who just doesnt care about anything. i hate to question and i hate to answer question LOL. why cant people not question about anything and just accept things just they way they are? i know there must be a reason for everything but why exactly do we have to know? its just weird you know. asking and questioning about everything and wanting to analyse the world, the society, the culture. i guess i dont have the consensus to actually know all the things that i should know. SHOULD I KNOW?

my cousin keep on scolding me for being so ignorant for the wrong things, at the wrong time. she said that nowadays, we cannot be that ignorant as the world is changing, its revolving. and we have to know the changes. the reasons behind the changes. and why do we have to be part of the changes. what if i dont want to? what if i just want everything to stay the same? prolly a little change wont harm but what if i dont wanna be part of it? i just wanna be the 3rd person who always have his/her own perspectives. and doesnt wanna feel belong. doesnt wanna be part of the society.

can i just be invisible instead? its not like anybody cares anyway about me. let me just be someone who is part of the society yet nobody knows about it.

if i disappear anyway, nobody will ever notice. right?


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