Thursday, December 19

amsterdam; rotterdam; ONE FINE DAY

holla holland! hello yellow :)

why holland? i have no idea! hahaha. somehow i feel as if my heart's there. since i was 15 if im not mistaken. i really really wanna go there. but right now, im actually considering to migrate there! if not uk. then holland it is. yeah i know a lot of people say dutch are kinda mean and rude. but then, heck yeah imma live there.

i have a friend who's actually living there. he's from morocco but he was born in holland practically making him a hollander? i cant say he's dutch coz he's not. he's an arab born and raised in holland. so hollander i guess? i envy him so much. we actually wanted to switch places coz he loves the weather here. i love the tulips there! i really really wish i can go there.

have you ever got the feeling of something that you can feel it in your heart? that you know that's where you wanna be. you should be. my heart is at holland. and holland it is. if i can get a job in the uk then uk it is. but somehow i know holland is where i will land finally.

wait for me amsterdam! rotterdam! im coming for yaaaa!


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