Thursday, December 19

day 4

yo wassuuppp?!

so today as usual i brought my grandmommah for her doc's appointment at GH. alhamdulillah, there's nothing to be worried about for now. it's just her thyroid is overproducing so the doc gave her some meds that would help thyroid to slow down its production. forgot the name of the meds. whatever i aint a pharmacy student LOL. GH was pack of people as always. but alhamdulillah everything went very smoothly and instead of having to spend half a day at the hospital, we made it in less than 2 hours. yey! we owe everything to Dato' and kak Rose for helping my grandmommah a lot. thank you! ^_^

i didnt drove my car as there will be no parking anyway. so my granddaddy dropped us and we have to take a cab back home. i got a cab and the driver was a chinese. my grandmommah told him i can speak mandarin so he started to speak in mandarin with me. turned out he was impressed! hahaha. he said that my accent sounded sooooo chinese? hahaha. yeah right my laoshi keep on saying that i have issues with my pinyin. how can i sounded so chinese? thank god i understood whatever he spoke to me and i can reply back. so yey again!

we talked about the differences between certain parents who sacrificed everything for their children's edu and certain parents who just want their child to be like them. my grandmommah told him she has 5 children and alhamdulillah all are living well and they all took care of both my grandmommah and granddaddy. some children they just ditch their parents after they succeed which is such a cruel thing to do! omg. no matter how rude i am to my parents i promised myself to not ever ignore them. old people are sensitive (like my mom) hahaha. but sometimes her naggings are just outrageous! and i have anger management problem so yeah we fought a lot. but i love her so much tho.

there are parents who would sacrificed everything, their happiness, their needs just to give their children a good edu. so that they will be successful in the future and repay their parents back in the future. its a Y2K world. money speaks. but some parents they dont think edu is the most important thing ever. in some parts of the world, i give you an example of a fisherman. they always tell their child. if you learn how to fish you can learn how to get money. there is no need for an edu. it wont get you anywhere. i guess they just gave up on their own children. but why? children need support from their parents. no matter how bad they are in their studies. a parent should not have said that to their children! omg.

knowledge is important. no matter what type of knowledge. skills and academically wise. yes you can teach your children fishing skills. but that does not mean you asked them to give up on their studies. that is just..... evil. i was brought up in a family where education is important. we will go nowhere without edu. without knowledge. i know some people are not as fortunate as others but no matter how unfortunate you are, banning your children from gaining knowledge is a huge NO-NO. why would you think in that way?

no wonder kids these days keep on saying "if i dont succeed in my exams also i can make money. most of the billionaires dont even have proper edu" yes. i agree. but it all depends on luck too. to secure your future you NEED to have education. no matter what. and education doesnt mean you have to go to pass your exams in flying colours. as long as you understand the knowledge that is given. you're good to go.

in a nutshell, EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT. knowledge is light. if you dont have it. then i guess you better get yourself out of the dark asap.


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