Thursday, December 19


the things i've been through might not be as rough as others might experienced. but they're lucky. at least they have someone to share with. at least some people understood. it's kinda fucked up when you're alone. and there's no one who can understands you. apart from your friends. i wanna be me. freely be me without anyone judging. i was said to be the dirt of society. but who are you to label anyone? are you that holy? are you that sacred?

i admit i'm not religious. i don't have that much knowledge in my religion. but at least i have a belief system. i have faith. and i genuinely believe in my God, the Almighty Allah. but being religious itself won't be enough if you keep on judging people. only God has the rights to judge. to stereotype. you don't.

i wanna run away. and isolate myself. let me be alone in my own bubble. not disturbed. not hurt. i'm tired of making other people happy yet letting myself be the lonely one. letting myself bare all the sorrow. i want happiness too.

i may look strong and tough. it might be due to the wall i built. to secure myself. protect myself. hate me all you want. i don't care. i know nobody sticks around. and those who wanna stick around keep on letting me down. stab a knife into my heart. and ripped it into pieces. why can't i be like the evil queen? who stores her heart in a box. so that it won't break. so that it is secured. let me go. let me fly. let me decide what i wanna be and what i want. i don't wanna care about others anymore.

all i want is just happiness.

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