Friday, December 27

asian parents

yes. i'm a malay. not pure malay. quarter malay quarter arab half banjarese. but on my IC yeah i'm a malay. as in malaysia we need to have the so-called 'race'. why can't we all be malaysians instead of malay, chinese, indian or others? well, let's not discuss that matter.

as everyone knows asian parents are legitimately THE most strict parents ever. and asian will be referred to the chinese, japanese and ext.......

even tho i'm a malay but my parents are an example of ASIAN PARENTS. and this entry is what asian parents forced their children to do

1. get PERFECT scores in all of the subjects

like seriously, if i ever get a B in a subject they will question the shit out of me. like "why you no study?" "why you no serious in studying?" "why you no do exercise?" "why you no practice?" "why you always sleep?" "why you careless?" "why you no focus?" literally i sleep at 1am in the morning everyday to study but if i ever get a B for my parents its like i just stared at my book for 5hours without doing anything. you gotta be kidding me omg!

2. mathematics exercises every freaking day!

yes. maths is a subject that is a MUST for me to get PERFECT scores. its like there's no reason at all for me to not get perfect scores. if i ever did not get perfect scores omg its like thunderstorm coming from my parents. yes maths is a subject that there's only right or wrong answers. and its like sooooo easy to score. you just have to answer the question accordingly and calculate it correctly. but yeah i always make silly mistakes and my carelessness caused me to attend a 3 hours lecture non-stop by my beloved 2 lecturers at home T_____T

in order to get that perfect scores, 50 questions everyday without fail. and if i fail to ever do so, again. lectures. my parents wont beat me. to them beating me will not solve anything. so they tortured me psychologically. and it works man. it really worked! all i can do is just cry the whole night. and promise myself to complete all the exercises in order to not get tortured. like i will force myself. getting lectured is more painful then having to do 50 questions everyday. seriously guys, trust me.

3. learning MANDARIN

你知道吗,我的父母要我学习汉语这样我可以与中国谈。我学会了汉语,因为我四岁。and i struggled like maaaadddd. mandarin is not an easy language okay. without practice you'll forget easily and the pinyin. omg the pinyin. if you pronounce it wrongly, it will give different meanings. and sometimes those meanings are not puurrrdddyyyy i tell you! hahaha. i do enjoy mandarin. very much! and i love to speak in mandarin as most of my friends are chinese anyway :D and i can simply talk to the taxi driver, the fish aunty, the florist in mandarin! yeay! much easy to communicate. i just hope one day i can go to china and improve my mandarin. i HOPE. in sha Allah amin :)

4. extra abilities

having an extra 'thing' to be good at apart from academic is vital. and my extra ability is that i can read music, play music, make music and oh well, i'm a certified musician. my mom said having the ability to play instruments and getting certified is something what employees are searching for in the future. i might have good grades, graduated in honour, and have an awesome personality. but if i have this 'extra talent' in my cv, it gives you more chances to get employed.

i got my o-levels in music when i was 12. and that was sooooo like a long time ago. i stopped for a while coz i went to boarding school. but i continued my music studies during the one month school holidays. now i'm in the process of attaining my a-levels. and hopefully i can continue my diploma after. studying music is hard, trust me. don't you think that it's easy. it's full of shit. and yes my teacher is also an example of an asian parent (to me) all of her students MUST get distinction. during the trial exam and the real exam. or you cannot take the exams at all. like ever. if you wanna take it too, find another teacher.

scary? she is. but she's nice to me coz i'm a good girl :p she loves me the most *perasan*

5. study 24/7 and NO FUN OR ENTERTAINMENT

last but not least is the part where i have to study 24 hours a day 7 days a week and i'm not allowed to have fun or enjoy the slightest bit of entertainment. but prolly most of you who knows me will say this is bullshit. but yes. ITS TRUE omg. all the fun that i have and the entertainment that i experienced are all without the knowledge of my parents lol. whats fun without a risk right? whats risk without some lies? some? oh well life goes on hahahaha!

so basically those are some of the things that asian parents do to their children. but i guess i'm thankful and grateful for having such parents because of what i am and how i am today. many would say that my mentality is corrupted for being too westernised? but listen. its a globalised world now. theres no borders theres no boundaries. you need to keep an open mind if you want to experience more and understand more.

alhamdulillah. i'm grateful for what my parents did to me that made me someone who's very outspoken and very open minded. i accept everyone's ideas and every perceptions towards the world. you might say i'm not conservative and i'm too modernised and i'm too i don't know. spoiled? corrupted? corroded? i dont give a damn.

because what i am have brought me to where i am today. and i'm happy of where i am now. and with the people i've met. and with the culture i've learnt. and with the kind of society i've encountered. different yet every each one of them are special in their own ways. i'm not judgmental and i hate judging people. and i hate people who loves to judge.

everybody's different. why do you wanna care so much?

*freaking mindblown myself*

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