Saturday, December 28

happy and yes happy ;)

finallaayyy its the weekend!

and yes finally we got time to spend for each other yey! its 4.53pm in netherlands and its 11.53pm in malaysia and finally we got time to text. woohoo! i'm a happy kid \O/

my friendship with you is something i would have never imagined. but i'm really comfortable being friends with you and sharing my stories and telling you everything that i have in mind. thank you for making me smile everytime without fail and being a good listener to me. YOU ARE A GREAT FRIEND. i just hope one day i can go to rotterdam and meet you!

you're starting your semester already. and i'm starting mine. we both gonna be extra busy this spring and oh well, i guess in netherlands its gonna snow until april maybe? you are so lucky! at least later you'll have tulips. send me some pleeeaassseeee?

i just hope i can go to UK this september. then, prolly i'll have the chance to finally meet you in person! after such a looonnnggg time :) this entry is for you my friend, thank you for everything!


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