Tuesday, December 24

day 9

"when you get married, its not about you. its about the person you're getting married with"

every time when someone wants to get married, as their wedding date is getting closer, they tend to have second thoughts whether are they ready to get married? are they ready to commit themselves to the one and only? is he/she the right one? is this it?

and i read an article about it just now. when you decide to get married, its not about you anymore. its about the person you're getting married to. is he the one you wanna be happy with? would you risk anything for him just to make him happy? would you want him to be the father of your children? do you wanna have a family with him? and the list goes on. and none of the questions are about you. marriage is about your significant other. marriage is about your future children.

and i guess that is why for now, i can see my future as someone who will get married in their late 20's or early 30's. i dont trust guys anymore. they're just too complicated. many guys would say girls are complicated. but prolly coz im more to a guy and my ex's are more feminine? like i said. sometimes i feel like im the one who's wearing pants in the relationship. and.... i hate that! all i want is just someone who can understand me and accept me for who i am?

i hate dramas. and i hate people who give dramas. i have loads more important things to think about. and not you. so once you give me dramas just be reminded that you no longer exist in my brain. astalavista.

i hope one day my heart can accept someone who i know can be significant other. right now, for me, marriage is just something that would make my life miserable. let me live on my own for a while, be me and enjoy life. get to know people. have fun. until the right time comes. i guess?


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