Tuesday, December 17

day 2

hello comos ta chias chickas !

sorry i didnt have that much time yesterday to actually update this piece of shit. haha. so yesterday i didnt do anything much. ipoh has nothing much to offer anyway. went to the hospital as usual. normal yada yada things we do when we're in ipoh. go find new places to eat. oh yeah i ate at this new malay restaurant and their food is freaking awesome! sedap boleh tak?

after that..... when i came back, i found that there's no electricity at home! omg. i feel like a burning dog. sooooo HOT! i suffered a bit but i survived. nothing much happened later on. oh yeah and i decided to post mindblown facts in my fb. hahaha. and also pictures of very very creative art pieces! omg. i really really hope i can be like them too. they make drawings look so effortless! and i even struggled to draw a stickman. how helpless and hopeless can i be?


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