Wednesday, December 18

day 3

hello peeps!

this holidays suck in so many levels. i thought of enjoying it while it last and complete my assignments in time. howevaaahhh.... something already causing me stress and frustration. please leave me alone! i wanna be alone. being alone is so much better and less painful. before, all i ever did was making everyone else around me happy without even thinking about my own feelings. but in the end the one getting hurt and feeling loneliest is still me. if and only if i thought about myself more and dont even care about everyone else, i could be happier. i WOULD be happier. now my whole life is just nothing but pain and sadness.

why do you wanna do this to me? because i made your life like that? because i made you suffer? why cant you just let it go? im not happy. no. please leave me alone. i dont wanna be disturb. i dont wanna be sad. i dont wanna be frustrated. and stressed out. i just want peace. in my heart. so please do this favour for me? LEAVE ME ALONE.

enough is enough man. i've had enough of everything.

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