Sunday, December 22

day 5,6,7

yo party people! peeps!

basically day 5,6,7 obviously i wasn't around. got back to KL as usual to clean things up and just to spend time with my sis, my bro in law and of course the jewel of the family (pfftt!) aint got internet line over there and i didnt brought my lappy with me so yeah no updates!

day 5

we started our journey heading to KL in the morning. so we reached home some time around the afternoon after having lunch at Awan Besar. so we started to clean the house and all. did the laundry. got so tired after. tried to read the readings but it ends up to a failure. i fell asleep. at night thought of going to meet my beloved sis but nahh. takde rezeki. parents slept early. i watched iron man 2 on TV3 (coz it was so boring i dont know what to do) and i exercised. in the middle of the night. how genius! =______= i took a bath and sleep around 2? or earlier i cant remember.

day 6

in the morning had breakfast at some stall in KL. sent mommay to impiana for her SUREMOR workshop. the last workshop for all the MOR researchers of the year. and the last year of mommy leading the pack. alhamdulillah! no more headaches, hbp, migraine and all for mommy. no reason at all! hahaha. now she has to only focus on her teachings and ME (ngehehehe). later went to KLCC to meet my sis and her family. omg afa actually misses me! she said that. "afa du uchu". i was so touched. awww! even tho i act so fierce with her she still loves me. hahaha. we annoy each other that much. had lunch and later i met Jun Jie. omg! its been more than a year i guess since i last met him. nothing's changed that much tho. difference is that he's not wearing a cap anymore and he grew his hair. your appearance is so much better now JJ trust me your ex is gonna weep! we talked and gossiped and watched hobbit: the desolation of smaug. one word: EPIC! for me the first one was better but the second was epic too. overall HOBBIT IS JUST TREMENDOUSLY AWESOME!

had a nice day tho meeting a friend and gossiping about mutual interest hahaha. at least he understands me eceehh! 你是我的男好朋友!我很高兴认识你也很高兴可以见你。oh and yes there's a comic fiesta at the convention centre the whole entire weekend. so klcc is basically packed of comic characters roaming around and visitors all over. they actually came from all over malaysia! JJ was at klcc that day coz his sister was participating in that event. so while waiting for her we hung out together. after the movie we went our separate paths and i went to accompany my sister with some shopping. daddy and the others already went back. on our way back (using the lrt) my sis and i, we saw many many unique characters and unique people. hahaha. we kept on wondering how much time, energy and money all these fanatics spent to become the characters they adore and trying to show how passionate they were in what they love.

i saw naruto characters, bleach characters, sailormoon characters, power rangers, carcaptor sakura, and even boboiboy! hahaha. i was amazed actually with their passion and enthusiasm. how i wish i have those kind of characteristics in me. but there are some funny people that we met. from a far we saw someone wearing a pink long hair wig, with pink ballerina outfit holding a pink bag and its actually a guy. we were kinda confused at that time but we were still figuring out who is he. which character? and then my sis saw a pink pony from my little pony in his pink bag. and she's like "ohh he's the pink pony from my little pony" and like what theeeee~ are you serious? hahaha and we laughed that whole way. then we met many guys becoming female comic characters which were just unavoidably funny. O.M.G.

at night, we went out again to have a splendid dinner. it was awesome. we had western. it was delicious! it was actually the first time we went there. i forgot the name of the place. its affordable yet the food tasted so nice! especially afa's sausage. omg. i ate them all! hahaha. and afa ate her mom's pasta :p went back to klcc after dinner coz mommy wanted to buy something but ended up not buying anything and i slept the whole way after. such a tiring day! but whole lot of memories to be laughed about later.

day 7

nothing much. ate breakfast and went back Ipoh. i drove the whole way so i ended up sleeping once we arrived ipoh. oh btw, afa followed us back. so she'll be living with me for the whole week. wait for my updates about our fights, battles and wars LOL. later in the evening went to visit opah and atok. turned out aunty nyah, uncle khairun, along and dhir were still there. i thought they already left ipoh but i guess that's what we call as rezeki? so as usual, afa was the centre of attention. everybody loves her. she's the jewel of the family kan..... hahaha!

gossip gossip and more gossip

and they went back home. and later, we went back home. hahaha. brought my baby for a shower and now he's looking good and masculine! whoop whoop! discussed with mommy and daddy of leaving for semenyih by this weekend. they are considering it. yey! yey! new year in semenyih baby! cant wait. hahaha. but before that, i have to settle my baby. send for service, check the engine, the water, the oil, the tyres.... haihh tyres... hmmm my money for my baby's tyres already being used. i actually saved up that money for almost a year okay! yet its just gone in a blink of an eye. just because i was helping a friend. anyway.... i guess i have to save up again and my baby will just gonna have to wait.


in a nutshell, yeah that's my kind of holiday. that's what i will do anyway if i come back to ipoh. nothing much. just the boring same ol same ol. being the one responsible of almost everything. man i feel like im already old. but actually im still 19 LOL

okayy tired of writing and reporting my bullshits. guess i'll be reporting over and out.


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