Sunday, December 22

i'm sorry

im sorry for hurting your feelings. or acting such a snob most of the times. and it is as if i dont care. yeah in fact actually i dont really care. but im not a snob. you can ask that to my closest friends. ask those who actually knows me in person not those who THINK they know me that they can tell STORIES about me. you can just tell them to go die.

jumpa aku pun tak pernah ade hati nak cerita macam kenal aku sangat. bitch please. aku pun tak kenal kau macam mana kau kenal aku? :O 

its not that i wanna act all popular and what. even i dont understand how can people i've never met my whole life can tell stories about me chapter by chapter? obviously weird. as if i have paparazzis stalking me :-s literally am feeling insecure right now. eyes are everywhere looking over me to find interesting stories about me. please i aint a celebrity =_____= i dont wanna be known. i dont want people to know me. im practically invisible to most of the people yet they can still see me. harry potter please borrow me your invisibility cloak and let me disappear.

im sorry im just extremely NOT friendly. i used to be friendly. to everyone. but most of them took it the wrong way. they thought i was flirting. like seriously guys.... i dont flirt. i dont even know how! yet due to my friendliness A LOT of people thought i was playing with their feelings. bitch please. i aint got feelings. why would i play with yours? i hate to get to know people nowadays. coz later the one getting hurt once again would obviously be.... me.

my life has enough sadness for now. dont add it up anymore. i aint a snob. i aint a bitch who thinks she's all that. im just a normal little girl who wants to live in her own bubble and be free to do whatever she wants without anybody care about her and just live happily.

i want back my happiness. and i would do anything to anyone who's trying to stop it.

remember: i have the ability to go rage and kill.


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