Monday, December 23

day 8

its 10.59 pm and i just ran out of energy.

afa is spending her week here in ipoh. and of course i will be the one taking care of her during the day and my parents will take over the responsibility at night. and damn, she's one lil kid who needs a lot of attention or she'll hurt herself.

started the day with finding afa's nasi lemak for her breakfast but she ended up eating it around 10 am. give her a bath and spent most of the time playing with her and her toys. and here is the list of toys she brought along:

1. playdoh
2. her cars
3. drawing block and a box of crayons
4. stuffed animals - most of them are sesame street's characters
5. bedtime story books
6. ipad

so yeah she loves the playdoh the most so we played that most of the time. until i got so tired that i accidentally slept while playing with her lol. around 3pm my grandmom woke me up and i found out afa was sleeping soundly beside me in my arms. aawwww~ hahaha. so i picked her up and brought her upstairs so that she can sleep comfortably on the bed. guess what? she slept for more than 3 hours!

she woke up around 5pm and continued her mission of playing with her toys. bought her cokodok and brought her back home around 7pm coz mommy and daddy arrived home already. ate dinner and now im sitting in front of my lappy while updating this piece of crap.

im having a massive sinus right now and i hate it! bleerrgghhh~ its been a while since i got sinus. guess i was infected by afa? coz she's having running nose right now. might prolly due to that i got my sinus. im so allergic i can simply get infected by almost anything and everything.

take care everybody and get well soon dear me.


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