Sunday, December 29

semenyih isnt safe anymore

for the past few months many criminal cases were reported.

1. gang robbed
2. snatch thieves
3. rape
4. robberies
5. road bullies

semenyih isnt safe anymore. especially taman tasik semenyih. and this specific residential area are mostly students. nottingham uni's students to be exact. and we as students, we are feeling really really insecure right now. we all need to stay on campus. off campus areas are really not safe anymore. these people do not know their limits anymore. and they are expanding. i dont think all these crimes are done by one specific group of people but they have severals. not really sure whether they are locals or foreign contractor workers but it is really not safe anymore.

my house just got broken in. dont really know when did this happen. me and my housemate left the house unoccupied for more than 2 weeks already. my housemate came back this evening and found out our house was ransacked. not sure what else is missing but the TV and my playstation was taken. my room was a mess all the rooms' doors are broken. the sliding door got smashed and everything is just HAVOC.

and this is not the first time students around this area got robbed. there are many cases already but i guess its not our luck too for getting broken in too. and yes we have to move. i guess all these people already marked us and have been watching us for a long time. they have strategic plans to when actually undergo their operation.

the police really need to do something about this. and not to forget the admin of the uni too. since you guys dont provide enough rooms for all the students and forcing them to stay off campus i guess you guys have to take responsibility of our safety. your students are being robbed and their safety is at sake. how can you sit back and relax and enjoy your damn cup of coffee everyday knowing that your students are not safe.

and yet you guys have the guts to say its not your responsibility?

you guys took enough money from us but the services, the facilities and the infrastructures you're providing us are shit. admins really need to buck up their services and management real quick. more students are getting pissed off day by day and if you really want to be the best you really have to make a move asap.

from an angry student

p.s. i got so pissed off coz the playstation i bought with my hard earn money. damn you robbers!

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