Sunday, January 12

what defines you?

yooooo waaasssssuuuuuppppppp?!

nothings up that much. im done with exams and assignments. got a few left but i guess im good. so as i was doing some of my research on google, i found an awesome video that is just........ soooooo awesome! it was a motivational video and the speaker was lizzie. and nothing can ever define how amazing she is in how she dealt with life.

basically lizzie is just a normal girl but she has a weird disease which made her cannot gain any weight and she is visually impaired (she can only see with her left eye). so yeah. and she said being her is not easy. due to her disease she is very very veerrryyyy thin and she needs to wear "contact" just to see. on one eye.

from the very beginning everybody hates her. everybody as we know it are assholes, JUDGMENTAL assholes treated her like shit everyday. the sad part was it started when she was still an innocent 5 year-old kid who have no idea whats going on and why are all the kids teasing her bullying her. she went back to her parents and asked "why?" imagining yourself as parents and having to tell them to understand that theyre different..... thats hard man. thats like the worst feeling ever.

but no. instead her parents said "no. theres nothing wrong with you. youre beautiful and dont let anyone of them judge you and define who you are. YOU DEFINE WHO YOU ARE". talking about awesome parents? thats about it. making you understand that your life is your choice and nobody, NOBODY can ever decide what your choices are for your life.

they call you ugly? beauty CANNOT be defined by anything.

they call you stupid? bitch please im on my way getting my degree now. and youre calling me stupid?

they call you short? im short and cute. niggah please its not like im the only one whos short in this world.

they call you fat? im fat yeah sure. i still weigh less than you. i still weigh less than 60 and you bitches who weigh more than me calling me fat?

and yes. ive been through lots of those shits in school and im just immuned to it already. ive been in worse situation even. living in a school with 800++ students who hated you for no reason during the 1st day of registration. FIRST DAY! omg. like seriously? i didnt do shit. all i did was listening to my mp3 and just smile if theres anyone whos looking at me like im an alien. and trust me. if people look at me that way and i look normal. i have a normal face, no disease. bitch i look like a human being yet they stare at me like i came from pluto or something. imagine if youre lizzie.

well who are you to say some people are ugly? who are to call some people with dirty names?


and do you think i care? bitch please. i dont give any shits about you. call me anything you want. spam on my facebook wall. write an entry about me in your blog. write in on the wall. on my table. in my books. everytime they did that i just read it and smirk. bitch you aint gonna define who i am. I DEFINE MYSELF. call me short, fat, ugly and stupid. i know who i am and i know how i am.

i dont have to define myself here. i dont need to prove anything to anyone. i just prove it to myself. yeah nadhrah you have gone through a lot of shits and yet you are smiling today. dont give a damn about all those who thought you should just literally disappear from this world. theyre not worth it.

youre asking me to kill myself coz im ugly? coz im fat? coz im short? coz im stupid?

firstly, nobody is ugly in this world. everyone is beautiful. Allah will never create anything ugly. then why are you calling people ugly and shits like that? "oh im embarrassed to be your classmate coz youre the ugliest bitch in this school" and i was like wuuuuttt? talking about smart kids showing off their "smartness" by talking crap like that. and yes i was in one of the best schools in malaysia. but the mentality of the students there? well now i know why people call them smart. theyre just book smart. they study, read books, memorise them and get all correct in exams.

and you call me stupid? HUGE CAPITAL LOL FOR YOU.

you calling me short? i have a million of friends who are just the same height as me. guys even. nothing is wrong with that. just because you are slightly taller than me doesnt prove youre better than me. if youre tall but youre still an asshole. youre just an asshole. you calling me fat? define fat. just because i look bigger than everyone else that has the same height as me doesnt mean im fat. niggah i weigh 53 kg for goodness sake. and i wear M size. what about those who wears bigger sizes than me?

sometimes i just dont understand why people hate me for no reason. some people they just hate me without even knowing me. some random people who never met me, lives in another state than me, who never went into the schools i attended yet they still hate me for no damn reason. really? and you calling me a stupid bitch? man. society is just so messed up. when some people talk, i just rather jump from burj dubai or just blend my brain.

some people say that im hated of the things i say...... oh well most probably. im rude yes i know. but im NOT always rude. ask my friends or people who HANGSOUT A LOT with me. not those who just know my name but i dont even know who they are. like bitch please. i never talk to you and youre calling me rude? well whatever. that is why i dont talk that much. i rather say nothing than say something and get hated because of it. might as well just live in my own world, complete my studies and earn a living.

you are not here to impress society or people.


my advice to everyone whos out there and have no idea why people hated you. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. do not ever let anyone defines who you are. YOU DEFINE YOURSELF. they say youre ugly? bitch please beauty can never be defined. theyre saying youre stupid? shut up go study and show to them: haha i got my masters and now im your boss. who youre calling stupid again? theyre saying youre fat? eat anything you want. you wanna be fit... hit the gyms. dont eat till you have an obese disease or something.

impress youself. and not everyone else. theyre just simply not worth it.

and if you say nobody is gonna love you? true love will always find its way. Allah has created human in pairs. you'll find your prince charming one day. dont worry. lifes short but everything thats good will come to those who are patient. and being patient is just what you need. if hes your soulmate, youll know. he will not define you and will love you for who you are, what you are. no matter how.

so cheers to all the people who are so awesome by not letting anybody define them and love life!


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