Sunday, January 19

single and happy :)

yeah it could be lonely sometimes when you're alone and you're so used of having companies around you. but having an alone time with yourself could give you a lot of opportunities to take care of yourself and make yourself a better person. i guess?

being alone doesnt mean im lonely. being in a relationship doesnt mean im happy. right?

you can say i used to be a girl who never not have a boyfriend. when i broke up i will tend to go find a new one and get into a relationship asap. but i didnt have the happiness i was looking for. after my first major breakup with my first true love, to me every guy is just... not for me? to me i got the almost perfect apple and i lost it. and other apples are just not the one...

but thats my mistake. i keep on looking at the problem through ONE perspective. and i forgot that life is all about looking at problems from different angles and different perspectives.

and after my last breakup i found out that love never comes easy. if it comes easy then it wont last. take things slowly. and get to know someone better before you made the decision to end up with him. i guess?

i learnt that if a guy doesnt like you for who you are, then hes not worth it. eventhough you love him so dearly, and willing to sacrifice just anything.... if he asked you to change just a bit? then hes not the one. i learnt that love doesnt define who you are. love is just love. you dont need to prove anything to anyone. if you love each other that deep, you'll just know. you dont have to prove it. i learnt that love is proven through actions and not words. you might say i love you a million times a day but if your actions show otherwise, then those words are just words. actions could be seen through various kind of ways and it differs from guys to guys.

ive always got the easy kinda guys. like easy to be read easy to confess easy to say they loved me easy to blablabla and bla. a lot to list. but ive always like to hook up with someone mysterious. i guess? even i know i'll get my heart broken. but bad boys are always the cool one to hangout with.

yeah its 2014 and im starting this year as a single lady. and i kinda like it. hahaha. finally i can actually be my true self without bothering to actually please anyone and only to please myself. i dont give two shits about anything or anyone anymore. i might struggle a bit to actually flirt (i dont flirt) but yeah we learn new things everyday right? hahaha.

p.s. if anyone here have flirting tips or dating tips do drop your comments down below. i might need some advices on that lol


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