Tuesday, January 21

what's happening to kids these days?

hello peeps!

its been a while since my last post. didnt have any ideas to mumble about what. as usual, the hols aint that fun but it aint that boring either. i guess? i bought books (like finallaayyhh!) to actually fill in my leisure time with some readings. since... i finish all of my series T__T spend most of the time on the computer (playing games most of the time) and yeah... spending more time at grannies'.

well today i met quite a few of my primary school friends! hahaha and talking about going down memory lane~ i almost teared up. but yeah... life gotta move on niggah.

talking about primary... i miss my friends a lot. manos... shafnaa... melenie... ezzaty... elaine... bella... kirsten... to name a few that im kinda close with :) man... i cant believe its been 8 years already since i left marian. and how time flies. but im still in contact with some of them. and not to mention some of my teachers too! teehee ^^v

trust me... i was a very naughty kid back then. even though im the head prefect but imagine if the head prefect is a retard - other kids? nahhh... they were much better. but i have no idea why the teachers chose me. prolly they thought it could discipline me? nyahahaha a bit maybe :p im still a pain the arse to my teachers :p

despite of all my mischieves and naughtyness... i still respect my teachers though. never have i ever dared to actually answer them back, be rude to them, shout at them or anything that shows me being a disrespectful student. one thing i know for sure, thats not what my parents taught me. my parents taught me to always be polite, well mannered, kind and show respect to those who are older than you. me as someone who is younger need to treat my elders so gentle and carefully not to hurt their feelings.

apart from that, i can do whatever i want. i guess? hahaha :p but i watched a video posted recently on YouTube regarding a student who with disrespect shouted at his teacher like he has the authority. and the teacher needs to apologise to him. and im like what the fffffffffffffffffffff ??!!!!!!!!!! you gotta be freaking kidding me? where have all the manners and respect and ethics go? and trust me. i bet you the kid is still in primary.

what is happening to kids these days? didnt they learn to respect the elders? especially your parents and teachers? teachers are people who educate you. give you knowledge. nurture you with moral values. i owe a lot to my teachers. they taught me many things in life and made me to open my mind to a broader perspective to see life. they saved me from becoming someone who i dont wanna be - someone who's not interested in knowledge. they taught me how to be a better person. they taught me that relationships, no matter with anyone are meant to be cherished and appreciated. they taught me that i will not succeed without the help of others. and not being selfish will make you receive more than what you have given out. they taught me that i can succeed if i never give up and if i work hard to realise my dreams.

my teachers... are one of the people who i really really am grateful to get the chance to know and be close with them.

my teachers... who never gave up on me. who always advice me. who always give me support to keep on working hard.

my teachers... who believed that i can even though the whole world though i couldnt.

my teachers... who keep on pushing me even though i am a pain the ass for everyone. my ignorance is the one that killed me.

but my teachers helped me. to not be an ignorant person when it comes to knowledge. when it comes to information. when it comes to education.

my teachers... who said being ignorant to other aspects in life is okay.

my teachers... who i can never repay back of all the sacrifices they made for me.

thank you very much to all my teachers. from kindergarten, to primary, to secondary and now in uni. thank you so much and i love ya'll!

in loving memory of the teachers in:
> SK Marian Convent Ipoh
> MJSC Merbok
> MJSC Pengkalan Hulu
> MJSC Tun Ghafar Baba
> University of Nottingham

p.s. this is the link to the video of the rude kid who shouted at his teacher and demanded the teacher to apologise to him. ASSHOLE. let us all kill this child =______=


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